Nancy Nesser


Bethel Presbyterian became my home church in 2012.  While attending Bethel I became involved with the Women’s Ministry Team and in 2016 I became the Interim Director for Family and Children’s Ministry.  Before this undertaking I started my teaching career at Creative Child Care, followed by teaching at Olentangy Preschool for 7 years, in which I went on to become the Director for 11 years.  I have taught and volunteered in children’s programs in various capacities.  I have an amazing family that consists of two grown daughters, two grandsons, a son-in-law, and last but not least, my wonderful husband, Jeff, to whom I have been married for forty-two years.  Steve Green sings a song that resonates with me and goes like this, “To love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our mission, the spring from which our service overflows, across the street or around the world, the mission’s still the same, proclaim and live the truth in Jesus’ name.”  My prayer for the children’s ministry is that we teach them and their families to proclaim and live the truth in Jesus’ name.