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Our Kids at Bethel Pres Ministry is designed to connect with children ages 0 – 5th grade, with a focus on equipping and partnering with families as they lead their children into a life changing relationship with Jesus.
We believe that every child is important, created by God, and worthy of unconditional love, and we look forward to meeting you!
For more information please contact our Interim Director of Family and Children’s Ministry, Keri Horst, at

Upcoming Events

Bethel Kids in Person Sunday School

We offer Nursery Care and Sunday School for ages 0-5th grade at both the 9:30 am service and 11:00 am service.
Masks are currently optional. While the pandemic continues, we strongly urge you and your family to wear a mask, especially those who are most vulnerable and/or unvaccinated. We also ask that if you or your children are feeling sick in any way, that you stay home and tune in to our livestream of the worship services, as well as enjoy our online Sunday School, until your symptoms subside.
We would love to see you! Children can be checked-in in our Gathering Space outside of the Sanctuary but will sit with their parents until after the Children’s Message. Parents can pick up their children outside Classroom 1 in the Kidspace corner of the Fellowship Hall. 

Bethel Kids at Home Online Sunday School

Toddler & Preschool Sunday School

May Videos & Parent Guides:
Links will be posted each week
— WEEK 1 – May 1 —
“On days 1 & 2, God made the light & dark & sky & water.”
(video available 4/30)

Week 1 – Video      Week 1 Parent Guide

— WEEK 2 – May 8 —
“On day 3 & 4, God made the land, plants, sea, sun, moon, & stars.”
(video available 5/7)

Week 2 – Video      Week 2 Parent Guide

— WEEK 3 – May 15 —
“On day 5, God made the birds & fish.”
(video available 5/14)
— WEEK 4 – May 22 —
“On day 6, God made animals & people.”
(video available 5/21)

Week 4 – Video      Week 4 Parent Guide

— WEEK 5 – May 29 —
“God looked at everything He made. Then, He rested.”
(video available 5/28)

Week 5 – Video      Week 5 Parent Guide

Elementary (K-5) Sunday School

May Videos & Parent Guides:May
Links will be posted each week
— WEEK 1 – May 1 —
“God is always with you.”
(Video available 4/30)
— WEEK 2 – May 8 —
“Keep going even when it gets tough.”
(Video available 5/7)
–WEEK 3 – May 15 —
“You can choose joy when life gets hard.”
(Video available 5/14)
— WEEK 4 – May 22 —
“Trusting God can help you get back up.”
(video available 5/21)
— WEEK 5 – May 29 —
“Keep going because of what Jesus did for you.”
(video available 5/28)