Rooted. Formed. Flourishing.

Raising Followers of Jesus who are Rooted, Formed, and Flourishing

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:
Create a culture focused on discipleship and evangelism
We desire to be a church that is mission minded and is the the church beyond the church. We also want to foster the discipleship of those who attend Bethel, creating a culture that challenges us to reach out to our neighbors, community, and beyond.
Mission Statement: 

Raising Followers of Jesus who are Rooted, Formed, and Flourishing

  • Rooted – We desire to know the gospel beyond just words on a page.
  • Formed – Our call is to continually grow and be shaped by the truth of the gospel – becoming more into the image of Christ as we grow in our faith
  • Flourishing – We are challenged to be fruitful in our faith – being fruitful in sharing and serving others as the gospel calls us to do.

Core Values

  • Christ-Centered – Keeping Christ at the center of all we do and are, recognizing He lived the life we couldn’t live, and died the death we couldn’t die, paying the ultimate price to redeem us.
  • Biblical Authority – Choosing to be rooted in God’s authoritative Word, which is translated and preserved by the Holy Spirit, worth studying, meditating on, cherishing and following day by day, as it tells us the true and life-changing story of Jesus.
  • Spirit-Empowered – Trusting in the Holy Spirit to empower and guide our lives, growing God’s heart in us for prayer, transformation, obedient living and growth in our unique gifting.
  • Covenant Community – We are a community committed to love, serve and build up one another, seeing the image of God in each one, despite age, ethnicity, politics, gender, socio-economic status or any other barriers.
  • Maturing Faith – We strive to become more like Christ, allowing the gospel to transform the way we think, believe, and act. 
  • Generous Living – Practicing authentic generosity and hospitality, trusting in God’s provision and grace as we reach out across the street and across the world.
In 2014 Bethel became the 100th ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians) church, which is composed of like minded churches, holding each other accountable to God’s word and to his calling. ECO encourages us in new ways as a Biblical community beyond the walls of our church and boundaries of our city.
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