Waiting on Christmas

Advent 2022 Sermon Series
Starting Sunday, Nov 27
Sometimes it seems like an eternity for Christmas to arrive.  The anticipation grows with every decoration mounted, song sung, and christmas cookie baked. You can especially see this in the eyes of a child counting down every second until Christmas morning.
What can we learn in this period of waiting? What might God have in store for us while we wait for the coming of Jesus?
The Prophet Isaiah teaches us to wait on the Lord, and in doing so, we grow and receive His strength to do amazing things – like soar with Eagles wings, or to do the daily things – like walk in anticipation of the Lord’s interaction.  This Christmas, as we enter into a season of Advent, which is a period of time of waiting and preparing, let us grow in our Hope, find comfort in His Peace, be overwhelmed by Joy, and live out His perfect Love as we wait on the Lord to make His glorious entrance into humanity’s race.

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“Waiting on Jesus Grows Hope”
Elder Lisa Yoder – 11.27.2022
Sermon Series: “Waiting on Christmas”

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