Ezekiel: From Dry Bones to Resurrecting Grace

2024 Sermon Series
January 7 – February 11, 2024
The Old Testament is filled with several books of prophecy by people raised up and called by God to deliver a message to His people. These messages are interwoven with God’s enduring love, grace, and mercy, while also dealing with His sinful people who so often chose to disobey and reject Him.

Because of this subject matter, the Old Testament can be heavy material. The Israelites did not welcome these prophecies, which served as warning of judgement and impending destruction to come due to their sinfulness and rejection of the one True God. And now, modern day Christians can also balk at the seemingly harsh message from the Creator of the Universe, however, there is good news to be found in the midst.

God desired to breath new life into the “dry, dead bones” of His people, and He desires to do the same to the rest of the world – you and I – to bring new, resurrected life that we crave. 
Join us in 2024 as we study one of these books, Ezekiel, and discover the tremendous message of God’s glory, mercy, and restorative grace that runs throughout the book even in the midst of a broken imperfect world, inhabited by broken, imperfect people. 

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