Simple Living

Summer Sermon Series 2021
July 11 – August 8
Six Steps to Christ-likeness – Living the Life God Has Designed You to Live

This summer, we will be embarking on an adventure of living our lives intentionally, and we are going to do it in the SIMPLE way. Bethel’s mission is to Love, Live, Serve, and Share Jesus Christ wherever we go, and we believe this is achieved by living SIMPLE lives—to live as Jesus would have us. This includes a growing, personal relationship with Him as well as compassionate relationships with others, both inside and outside the church.

Beginning Sunday, July 11, and continuing through August 8, we will preach on what we have titled SIMPLE living. SIMPLE living is merely a reminder that we are to: Study the life of Jesus, Invest in the Word of God and the people around us, Minister to those we meet, Pray for God’s direction and leading in those relationships, Listen to the Holy Spirit, and Expect that He will do amazing things.
May the Lord bless your worship and study through this sermon series!

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 Rev. Mike Horst – 7.18.21
Series: Simple Living