The Gift of Rest

Advent 2023 Sermon Series
December 3 – December 25 2023
The season of Advent, leading up to Christmas morning, can be one of the busiest and spiritless times of our lives.
The end of the year is drawing near, school projects are due before Christmas break, cookies need to be made, presents need to be bought, and deciding how the family is going to split their time up visiting everyone can become a huge joy kill during a time when we are supposed to be experiencing the true joy of the Savior.
Is that God what desires for us? Or does He have something better in mind as prepare for the birth of His Son, Jesus?
Jesus is the embodiment of the Sabbath Rest God gave to creation in the beginning. God set apart the seventh day to rest from His work, so that the fruit of His work would experience who He truly is as He dwelled with them.
As we set apart this time of the year called Advent, let us find the moments to experience rest from the busyness of this season, and experience who Jesus truly is–God with Us, Emmanuel.

Dec 24, 2023
Seeing the Newborn King
  • Dec 24, 2023Seeing the Newborn King
    Dec 24, 2023
    Seeing the Newborn King
  • Dec 24, 2023What’s in a Name?
    Dec 24, 2023
    What’s in a Name?
  • Dec 17, 2023The Delight of Sabbath
    Dec 17, 2023
    The Delight of Sabbath
  • Dec 10, 2023Peace in the Frenzy
    Dec 10, 2023
    Peace in the Frenzy
  • Dec 3, 2023Let It Be Done
    Dec 3, 2023
    Let It Be Done

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