The Jesus Prayer

Lent Sermon Series 2021
Feb 17 – Apr 4
In Jesus’ prayer for His disciples 2000 years ago, He prayed for them and their mission in light of the difficulties they would face. And what is incredible, is that in that prayer He also included us!
Yes, in Jesus’ High Priestly prayer, found in the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel of John, He prayed for us here in 2021. Can you believe it? We have a prayer from the lips and heart of Jesus from which we can gain wisdom, insight, and direction.
We need to know this prayer.
We need to study it and be encouraged by it. That is why we are going to take the season of Lent and step away from our “Preaching Through the Bible Series,” and focus on Jesus’ prayer for us and the church before He went to the cross. My prayer is that through this look at Jesus’ prayer in John 17, we will gain wisdom and encouragement for facing the changes we may face in 2021 with wisdom, joy, and encouragement.
Will you join us each Sunday as we unpack this prayer either online or in-person on Sunday mornings? And, will you participate in one of our small groups as we further examine this prayer together? I am looking forward to how the Lord will use this prayer in our lives and our congregation.
Proud to be your Brother, Pastor, and Fellow Minister,

Apr 4, 2021
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